From Cape Schanck Lighthouse to Bushranger’s Bay

The goal of the day turned out to be Cape Schanck Lighthouse. Well, not really, but that was the starting point. After getting a suggestion from Angela, we decided to hike to Bushranger’s Bay from the lighthouse, as it promised stunning coastal views. And it was sure a pretty walk down to the dramatically set beach.

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The plants along the path were incredibly pretty. There’s just something magical about those poofy grassy things, ey? For the first part of the walk we could still see the lighthouse every now and then, bobbing up above a overgrown hill further away. It was our milestone to see how far we’d got. Soon we couldn’t see it any longer.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-38 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-26 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-3 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-43

The views were indeed stunning. Although I had a tendency to shoot the shrubbery instead of the views. That’s what happens when you refuse to switch from your 50mm prime lens. Oh well.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-46 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-48 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-52 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-53

On our way down the stairs to the beach Nina slipped a bit and sprained her ankle somewhat. We stopped, had a wee rest, looked at the view until she was ready to (more slowly) make her way down the last few stairs. Finally down she took of her shoes and went to cool them down in the sea. Peter and me avoided the cold water and sat down on some rocks, ate an apple or two and just looked at the horizon. Oh! mostly we looked at seagulls, because a bunch of them were bathing themselves in a little stream just below us. Super cute!

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-60 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-4 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-67 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-79 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-5

With our stomachs full of fruit and our heads filled with the view, we headed back. Peter walked back the same way but me and Nina opted for another route back, which turned out to be the worst decision of the day! Peter got barely any rain and saw ten kangaroos and a fox up close, and we got no animals and plenty drizzles. Oh well, it still was a somewhat pretty walk, even without dramatic coastal scenery. I suppose you can’t get it all all the time?

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-92 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-93 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-96

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