From Dromana to St Kilda

This is the last post from the weekend – I promise. I know I dragged it out, but come on, I took somewhere around 8-900 pictures over the range of two days. It deserved a bit of space.

Anyhow. On Sunday after the hike to Bushranger’s Bay, we headed to Dromana for some late lunch. Dee’s Kitchen was still open, but was only serving some salads + stuff in the counter. Well, fine with us as we had dinner plans with friends back in Melbourne, and just needed something for now. We ordered a Freekah each and devoured them along with some loose leaf chai lattes.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-98 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-99 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-102

We had originally planned to stop by Frankston and check out the sand sculptures, but we were too late and a little bit stressed about getting there in time, so we skipped it, and decided to drive up along the coast to the lookout from the Brighton Beach foreshore instead. We took the longer, scenic route, and stopped a couple of times to look at the view.

From Brighton and further into the city, there were plenty kite surfers out. Their brightly coloured sails were beautiful against the pale blue background.

140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-6 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-110 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-Collage-7 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-111 140216_MorningtonPeninsula-115

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