From Grampians and Back

I forgot to share the few snaps I took on the way back from the Grampians last week. I kind of just left you guys with the fire pictures and thought that was it. But that’s not all, is it? Of course not. I’m a crazy photo taker, and a car ride over several hours wouldn’t stop me from shooting more.

We made two stops on the way. First up on a hill outside of Ararat, where you had 360 degree views of the Grampians and the Pyrenées (the Victorian ones, that is). Quite impressive. I had a sit down in the grass for a bit, simply taking in the view.

Second stop was in Ballarat. Dad was very dead set on stopping there, don’t ask me why. It looks a bit like every smaller town in Victoria does, but for some reason he thought it would look different? We walked around the city center, me looking for a place to eat, and him muttering disappointments to himself. We finally find a cute cafe, and stopped for a late lunch – the biggest bruschetta I’ve ever seen. With goats curd. Yum!

We then headed straight home to avoid rush hour, and managed to get through the city without any hickups! It was a nice trip, but it’s always quite nice to be home.

MtGambier-HallsGap-118 MtGambier-HallsGap-122 MtGambier-HallsGap-123 MtGambier-HallsGap-125 MtGambier-HallsGap-126 MtGambier-HallsGap-127

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