From Mt Gambier to the Grampians

First stop from Mt Gambier was the Blue Lake. It was incredibly blue. After that we drove straight to Halls Gap, in the heart of the Grampians. We checked into our room, I did a little bit of work, and the we got back into the car and drove 5 minutes away and put on our trainers. The goal? Hiking! We mustered through an hour long hike uphill to a pinnacle with the most gorgeous view. The best part wasn’t the view though, it was the nature heading there.

And I’m too tired/stressed to write more now. I’ve got better things to do. Just look at the pictures, okay?

MtGambier-HallsGap-12 MtGambier-HallsGap-16 MtGambier-HallsGap-19 MtGambier-HallsGap-Collage-1 MtGambier-HallsGap-33 MtGambier-HallsGap-38 MtGambier-HallsGap-Collage-2 MtGambier-HallsGap-48 MtGambier-HallsGap-49 MtGambier-HallsGap-51 MtGambier-HallsGap-54 MtGambier-HallsGap-Collage-3 MtGambier-HallsGap-61 MtGambier-HallsGap-62 MtGambier-HallsGap-Collage-4 MtGambier-HallsGap-94 MtGambier-HallsGap-97


  1. Nina

    The view from the pinnacle is simply amazing! Hope you were early enough to make it before the hordes of tourists. I went up there early in the morning, as temperatures were supposed to climb (pun intended!) to 40 degrees later that day. Very peaceful and quiet up there, I really did not want to leave..
    Based on the last picture I’d say we even picked the same place to say – Kookaburra Lodge?

    • Stina

      We were there mid/late afternoon and we met a few people, but not more than about 15. Although come to think of it a school class passed us on the way down. At least it was the perfect temperature – just around 20. Sunny, but cool and breezy enough to give you a break.
      And yep – we stayed at Kookaburra Lodge too! To make our trip even more similar to yours we went and had Indian food in the evening…

      • Nina

        There wasn’t that much to choose from in Halls Gap, at least not without being ridiculously overpriced. The indian as actually quite good. And there were roos in the backgarden when I was there, always a plus=)

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