Galle, some fishermen, a fort and a few days of tranquility

After the snake farm, we headed back into the car again and headed off to Galle.


We stopped along the way to watch a bunch of fisherman dragging up a rope. It looked darn heavy.



There were plenty of nets laying around.


I pitied the guy furthest out, which you can see far left in the image. The waves don’t look to bad in the picture, but they were way big, and he had to wade through them. It looked like such a challenge!


All so very picturesque.


Another short car ride and we were at Galle Fort. First stop: some food. This was the view from the place. Pretty, eh?


I found Savannah Dry on the menu and got a little bit excited! This was my standard drink in Ghana, so I got a wee bit nostalgic.



Leaving lunch we passed this beauty, and I just had to snap a picture. If I ever get a car, it’ll be a mini.


Next stop: walking along the outer edges of the fort. It was light and absolutely beautiful.


Peter wasn’t feeling too well, and felt a bit tired, so we wandered slowly.

1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-11 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-12

We saw a Japanese tourist that sat and looked out over the rooftops of the houses in the fort, and I couldn’t help myself.


The fort was not at all what I expected. Having seen a couple of forts in Ghana I expected more of a smaller establishment, not a whole village encased by walls.


Peter sillying around.

1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-15 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-16 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-17 1401_SriLanka-Part5-Galle-18

We went around Galle Fort and saw a bunch of small alleyways, and they were all super cute.


I walked around the lighthouse as well.


Peeked over at the other side of the lighthouse at a beach where kids where happily playing.


Stood a moment and took in the crisp ocean breeze and watched the horizon.

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Seriously, so want to live here.


On our way to the hotel, we passed this hindu temple. Incredibly beautiful with all its colours.


And then we were at the hotel. I have no decent shots of the hotel at all, which is slightly odd. Only a few pictures, which feels odd as we stayed here four nights. Peter was still not feeling well, so we decided to just spend those four days at the hotel. Lounging at the pool, reading, going to the spa for some massage, staying in bed extra long and watching tv-series – we did it all. It was all incredibly slow but just what we needed.


Peter at the breakfast buffet, which was fairly incredible.


Lunch one day. One of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had. We went back the next day for seconds.


Our view most days. We hung around in beach loungers, looking at the ocean through the palm trees, reading, and taking the occasional dip in the pool. Oh, the bliss.

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