Ghost of now at The Rev

When your husband’s band has the release gig for their new EP, you rock up even though it’s late and you’re old and you’ve just photographed a wedding for 10 hours straight.

Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-1 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-2 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-3 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-4 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-5 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-6 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-7 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-8 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-9 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-10 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-11 Ghost-of-Now-at-the-Rev-12

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