Go ahead, go ahead, throw your arms in the air tonight.

Before moving to Australia I lived in Ghana for a year and a half. Living there was challenging, frustrating and absolutely amazing. Yes, the frustration got the upper hand and we did move, but some days I miss Ghana like crazy. For some reason there’s one specific situation I miss the most.


Imagine you’re in a taxi. It’s an old, shabby car where the upholstery is dirty and coming off, and with blaring hip life on the radio. You have been at a nice restaurant (if I have to pick, let’s say Osteria Michelangelo) and had some wine and you are slightly tipsy. The windows are rolled down and you can feel the humid air with just the right temperature on your face while watching the lights of the city pass by.

130822-AccraNostalgia-8 130822-AccraNostalgia-7 130822-AccraNostalgia-6 130822-AccraNostalgia-5 130822-AccraNostalgia-2 130822-AccraNostalgia-1


And yes, I’m contemplating going back just to spend nights going all around Accra in a taxi.


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