Halloween Party

I’ve actually been to two halloween parties this year. That might be some sort of record. During one of them I took the photograph taking seriously (you can see it here), and for the other one I just happy snapped a bit. And that’s what you’ll get here. Happy snaps from a short one on an amazing rooftop terrace in St Kilda last Friday. I was just a wee bit sad that I had to leave early as I needed to be fresh and awake to shoot a wedding the day after. Oh well, there’s a halloween next year as well.

Leash-Halloween-Party-1 Leash-Halloween-Party-2 Leash-Halloween-Party-3 Leash-Halloween-Party-4 Leash-Halloween-Party-5 Leash-Halloween-Party-6 Leash-Halloween-Party-7 Leash-Halloween-Party-8 Leash-Halloween-Party-9 Leash-Halloween-Party-10 Leash-Halloween-Party-11 Leash-Halloween-Party-12 Leash-Halloween-Party-13 Leash-Halloween-Party-14 Leash-Halloween-Party-15 Leash-Halloween-Party-16 Leash-Halloween-Party-17 Leash-Halloween-Party-18 Leash-Halloween-Party-19 Leash-Halloween-Party-20 Leash-Halloween-Party-21 Leash-Halloween-Party-22 Leash-Halloween-Party-23

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