Heli <3 Alex

A Saturday not that long ago Heli and Alex allowed me to drag them into a park and take a few photos of them. Well, a few is probably not that truthful. I think I had over 500 in my camera when I got home. Anyway. I wanted to share my favourites from the day with you all. And without further ado, here they are! (and yes, there are plenty, but come on, I had to pick ’em from five hundred!)

Heli-and-Alex-33 Heli-and-Alex-2 Heli-and-Alex-0-Bamboo Heli-and-Alex-10 Heli-and-Alex-02-Cutesy Heli-and-Alex-8 Heli-and-Alex-20 Heli-and-Alex-23 Heli-and-Alex-28 Heli-and-Alex-43 Heli-and-Alex-98 Heli-and-Alex-50 Heli-and-Alex-03-Bamboo Heli-and-Alex-96 Heli-and-Alex-66 Heli-and-Alex-65 Heli-and-Alex-82 Heli-and-Alex-00-Area Heli-and-Alex-00-FromAfar Heli-and-Alex-131 Heli-and-Alex-124 Heli-and-Alex-122 Heli-and-Alex-123 Heli-and-Alex-86 Heli-and-Alex-00-Staircase Heli-and-Alex-113 Heli-and-Alex-119 Heli-and-Alex-116 Heli-and-Alex-100 Heli-and-Alex-00-Autumn Heli-and-Alex-134

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