In line for the Underground Cinema

Last Thursday a bunch of friends headed to Underground Cinema. The theme was ‘Rome’ and on the Thursday afternoon, we switched our regular clothing to togas and headed into the city. I matched my toga with a camera bag, and of course started snapping away. Today I’m sharing some of the pictures I took while waiting in line. I have, of course, a bunch of them from the actual events as well, but as they’re still doing events and want to keep the film a secret, I won’t post them until after the 6th of April. For now, just enjoy the prettiness of a whole lot of people wearing sheets.

UndergroundCinema-Rome-17 UndergroundCinema-Rome-21 UndergroundCinema-Rome-Collage-1 UndergroundCinema-Rome-26 UndergroundCinema-Rome-31 UndergroundCinema-Rome-Collage-2 UndergroundCinema-Rome-35 UndergroundCinema-Rome-34 UndergroundCinema-Rome-33 UndergroundCinema-Rome-30

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