In the mood for a Swedish pizza?

In Templestowe outside of Melbourne there’s this place that does Swedish pizza. Yes, you read it right, I’m not making this up. I never really compared Swedish pizza to, well, other pizza, but having it the other day actually made me see the difference. It’s only slight, I’ll give you that, and I would sum it up in three things; thin crust, bigger than your normal pizza here and canned contents.

The latter might not sound all that exciting, but somehow I kind of prefer it that way. I might be biased though, this is the kind of pizza I’ve eaten since childhood.

Also! Swedish pizza salad. It’s pretty much cabbage in vinegar, but absolutely delicious. And makes you feel kinda healthy. Well, not really, but at least a wee bit.



131027-SwedishPizza-6 131027-SwedishPizza-8

 Check out their website for more info, should you want your own Swedish pizza. Yum!

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