Indian Food and El Snappo

Uh oh, I am so utterly behind on posting stuff. I have been a busy bee these last few weeks. I shouldn’t complain though, it has been good, but I am also a bit tired from working 2/3 of this last long weekend, and kinda never having the time to relax. Oh well, I hear there’s always the ‘April work hump’ for freelancers. Or at least that’s what the people in the office say, who have been freelancing for way longer than me.

Anyway. I forgot to post these pictures from Wednesday now almost two weeks ago (it feels like ages ago!). A bunch of us headed over to Eric’s place to munch on some Indian food and then play El Snappo. All in all, a very good Wednesday night.

Indian-and-El-Snappo-2 Indian-and-El-Snappo-8 Indian-and-El-Snappo-6 Indian-and-El-Snappo-10 Indian-and-El-Snappo-Collage-1 Indian-and-El-Snappo-11 Indian-and-El-Snappo-13 Indian-and-El-Snappo-14 Indian-and-El-Snappo-15 Indian-and-El-Snappo-18 Indian-and-El-Snappo-19

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