Johns & Katherine’s House Warming

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Kew for an afternoon birthday + house warming party. He recently moved into a cute house with Katherine, and when we got there they were setting up on the lawn. Because whenever Johns around, there will be music, I’ll tell you that much.

We spent that afternoon on the lawn, sipping on Johns own brewed beer (delicious), talking to a bunch of friends, and new people, listening to Barefoot Biscuit play and enjoying/trying to stay out of the sunshine. What a way to enjoy that glorious Saturday afternoon.

140329_JohnsParty-1 140329_JohnsParty-27 140329_JohnsParty-Collage-1 140329_JohnsParty-9 140329_JohnsParty-Collage-2 140329_JohnsParty-17 140329_JohnsParty-Collage-3 140329_JohnsParty-44 140329_JohnsParty-24 140329_JohnsParty-32 140329_JohnsParty-Collage-5 140329_JohnsParty-33 140329_JohnsParty-Collage-4 140329_JohnsParty-51 140329_JohnsParty-56 140329_JohnsParty-58 140329_JohnsParty-59 140329_JohnsParty-65 140329_JohnsParty-67 140329_JohnsParty-69 140329_JohnsParty-71 140329_JohnsParty-Collage-6

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