Location Scouting

I’m shooting my very first wedding (Excitement! Panic!) this upcoming Saturday. It was booked less than a week ago, so not a whole lot of time preparing. Yesterday I took some time to walk around the area and scout good locations for portraits. During those 45 min I found a whole bunch of good locations, and of each one I snapped a picture. You’ll not get to see them, not at all, cause to be honest they’re not all that interesting. But in between those snaps I managed to capture a few ones that I took just for me, which I thought I’d share with you lot. It’s just a few fleeting moments from a sunny Wednesday afternoon, walking along Southbank and Alexandra/Queen Vic Gardens.

photo-walk-2 photo-walk-3 photo-walk-4 photo-walk-5 photo-walk-7 photo-walk-8

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