Lunch at Suda

I’m not sure I’ve told the blog I have a lunch crew. I call us the Bourke St Lunch Crew (I think I had a cooler sounding name, but this was all that I could make up now) and we meet up every other week for a lunch, or to make it feel more legit, a Solution Re-alignment Meeting.

Anyway. A couple of weeks back we headed to this Korean place which, surprisingly, turned out to have some decently tasty kimchi. I’m not going to give you the details. If you want any, you’ll have to head to Klaus & Fritz for my post about the place. That gray lunch hour was spent in this quaint little place, with the lot of them trying to mess up all my photos. Oh well. I might have deleted the pictures where their out-of-focus hands (well, maybe not one) got in the way just as I took the picture, but I’m sure as hell going to post every single other photo of them from that day. So without further ado: random snaps from a lunch a long time ago.

Suda-1 Suda-7 Suda-Juan-Eating Suda-5 Suda-Hari Suda-17

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