Luxury Lunching

Probably my favourite part of having an office space in the city is meeting up with friends for lunch. That never gets old. Taking a break amid some project, taking a short walking and eating something delicious over some good conversation, preferably with some sunshine overhead.

Last week most of my biweekly lunch crew bailed, but Eric was still on. We went out on a burger run, and headed to HawkVsBadger. Apparently the regular burger was good, and so was the veggie on. I’m still looking for that one perfect veggie burger though. Anyway. They’re quaint little back door area was so nice, and I splurged and had a beer with lunch. Hey, does that mean that I’m turning a wee bit Aussie now? Having beer for a work week lunch would never happen in Sweden. Ever!

01-HawkVsBadger-1 01-HawkVsBadger-2 01-HawkVsBadger-3 01-HawkVsBadger-4

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