MakeSense drinks

Last Wednesday me and Eric headed to Centre Place for some drinks. Not just any drinks, but the first drinks for MakeSense Melbourne. I won’t go into detail about the organisation cause I’m too busy right now, but if you want to know more about this fascinating organisation – head on over to the interview I did with Marie and Camille, the founders of the Melbourne branch on Klaus and Fritz a while ago.

And ugh, I got a wee bit self conscious when I started editing these pictures. It was incredibly dark in the bar, so all of the pics are so very grainy. Oh well. At least you get a sense (pun intended!) of how it was.

MakeSenseFoodTour-Collage-1 MakeSenseFoodTour-6 MakeSenseFoodTour-Collage-3 MakeSenseFoodTour-Collage-2

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