My first MakeSense Holdup

On a dusky Wednesday (or was it Tuesday? The day eludes me) evening I met up with Eric. We were heading to our first MakeSense holdup (read more about it here), but first we needed to get some food. We headed to Rue & Co and got ourselves some souvlakis and some darn tasty chips, sat down under the glowing trees and ate (and spilled sauce all over the place, like really all over the place).

We then headed to the MakeSense event. The first thing that hit me was that Melbourne is such a small place. Sure, we’ve been here for a while now (one year eight months) but already it’s shrinking. I knew Eric at the event, and the organisers Cami and Marie, but no one else. And it turns out that at the meeting was a girl from my co-working space, as well as the wife of my husbands co-worker, whom I sat next to at the Christmas dinner. And oh, the whole thing was held in the office just below my husbands. So many coincidences!

The next few hours were spent brainstorming and trying to come up with creative ideas for Long Street Coffee, a cafe that would train refugees. It’s so incredibly inspiring to get involved and do something not just for an economic gain, but that actually can make some sort of difference. So, naturally, I couldn’t help myself getting myself a bit more involved after this, volunteering graphics work. Although what’s most exciting (for me, at least!) is that I’ve gotten the green light to follow their story with my camera. I want to be there to document their journey from the idea to when they have their operation up and running, because damnit, they’ll get there. I’m not certain what this will be in the end, but I know I want to do it. To be honest, I’m super excited about the whole thing.

If you’re a creative person in or around Melbourne (or anywhere else for that matter, MakeSense exists all around the world) keep a lookout for MakeSense.

05-RueandCo-MakeSense-7 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-5 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-Collage-1 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-10 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-11 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-12 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-13 05-RueandCo-MakeSense-14

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