Nina’s last day in Melbourne / Part 1

Nina stayed with us for two weeks, and on her last day I took the day off work and joined her, trying to cram the best of Melbourne in 12 hours.

We started slowly, as she needed to pack her things. Then we headed on off to South Melbourne for what was supposed to be an early lunch but turned out to be a normal-timed lunch. We went to a personal favourite – Chez Dré. We both had my standard, a polenta-mushroom dish that’s to die for, accompanied with our standard chai latte.

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We then wandered through South Melbourne Market, which is just around the corner. We looked at tacky and gorgeous wares (I bought a new bathroom mat, I’ll show you soon), checked out the food and stumbled over Angela who was there for work. After making sure we’ve seen everything, we left the market and headed to the tram to go into the city. But I need to do some work, so more on that tomorrow.

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