Olluu at Yah Yah!

Do you know how often I am awake past 10.30pm on a Friday? Not often I can tell you. I don’t mind it in general, but sometimes it just gets to me. Because of this predicament I was a bit on edge about heading to a see the band of a friend performing last Friday. But you know what? Turns out they were great and I wasn’t even teeny bit sleepy through the whole concert. Yay!

As usual, a camera accompanied me on the night in question, and I snapped away. Plus! A few of these photos are courtesy of Marie, cause she had more guts than me to get in closer to the band. Enjoy!

Oolluu-50 Oolluu-26 Oolluu-17 Oolluu-43 Oolluu-Collage-1 Oolluu-33 Oolluu-41 Oolluu-42 Oolluu-44 Oolluu-47 Oolluu-Collage-2 Oolluu-51 Oolluu-53 Oolluu-18 Oolluu-45 Oolluu-Collage-3 Oolluu-48 Oolluu-19 Oolluu-32 Oolluu-49 Oolluu-46 Oolluu-Collage-4 Oolluu-Collage-5 Oolluu-52 Oolluu-54

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