One year later

One year.


That’s how long we’ve been here. Today it’s a year since we landed in Australia. It’s one year, one month and 16 days since we left Ghana. I can’t really describe it but it feels like yesterday and a decade ago – all at the same time.

Everyone says time flies, and sure, it really does. Days pass by faster than I’d like them to quite often, but somehow the years still seem to, well, be a proper year. Time wise that is.

During the last year I have managed to; move to a new continent, find a house, move in and get settled, travel to Tasmania, Queensland, Sydney and around Victoria, as well as to Japan and a stint in Sweden, made a bunch of new amazing friends, gotten drunk and gone dancing, re-discovered my love of chai lattes, stayed up late and played charades (more than once!), found favourite spots, started jogging again, learned to cook, started growing things (!!) in our veggie patch and read probably around 30 books. All in all, this year probably counts as one of the best ones so far. But hey – I’m sure the next year will be even better!


Our plane that took us from Stockholm that September day a year ago. 

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