I have been quiet lately. Sure, I’ve been under the weather, but I’ve also been lazy in posting. So, to get y’all up to speed, here are some outtakes and randoms from the last couple of weeks.


Angela’s been in town! Damn, I miss that girl. We had lunch one day, and another she came by with ice cream for sicko me. So sweet! <3


Last Thursday I headed to St Kilda to the opening of a new Sri Lankan Restaurant. Read all about it on Klaus and Fritz.


One of the guys working behind the bar looked super sad. I knew this photo wouldn’t make it to the article, but it’s way too hilarious not to post anywhere!


Last weekend I met up with Emmy to take some photos for an ebook I’m working on for Klaus and Fritz. She was super relaxed and Carlton North was the perfect backdrop.


On that note, Rathdowne Village in Carlton North is like the cutest thing ever. I have totally underestimated the north in so many ways.


On a tired and sick Saturday we spent a little bit of time taking a series of awesomely fun new shots for Eric’s Tinder profile. I have no idea if the girls will like it, but we thought it was hilarious! This was the first of a 6 picture series. How do you think it ended?

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