Random snaps from Örebro

Just before and after New Years Eve, I spent some time in Örebro, the town I went to university in. I had some friends to visit.


Like Maria. She was very busy studying, so we had to cram in socialising in her breaks. Totally worth it anyway!


I walked around and hung out with her geraniums. She’s never going to be a crazy cat lady, but she’s well on her way to becoming a crazy geranium lady.


On New Years Day I went home with Emelie to her super cute apartment. We chewed on some pizza, talked and browsed Hemnet (the Swedish equivalent of Realestate.com.au). Not that we’re looking for a house, but you know. It’s fun!


Her place was so incredibly cosy, I never wanted to leave.


And with the candles in the fireplace, I’ll end this post.

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