Sandra’s Belated Birthday Drinks

What was supposed to be a picnic ended up being a hangout in a bar. That’s what Melbourne weather does to some social gatherings. Oh well, I’m not complaining, I like bars.

Btw: happy birthday again Sandra! xx

Sandras-Bday-1 Sandras-Bday-2 Sandras-Bday-3 Sandras-Bday-4 Sandras-Bday-5 Sandras-Bday-6 Sandras-Bday-8 Sandras-Bday-9 Sandras-Bday-10 Sandras-Bday-11 Sandras-Bday-12 Sandras-Bday-13 Sandras-Bday-14 Sandras-Bday-15 Sandras-Bday-16 Sandras-Bday-17 Sandras-Bday-18 Sandras-Bday-19 Sandras-Bday-20 Sandras-Bday-21

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