Say hello to my office

As I am a freelancer I spend most of my days at home. In the beginning I used to sit at the kitchen table or in the sofa and work, but that’s not really working (pun intended!) in the long run. When my parents came and visited us for a whopping six weeks last fall I took the opportunity to have him build a custom desk that fits perfectly in the window nook in our spare bedroom, aka my office.


This is where I’m sitting right now, typing away. Although I’m not using that big pilates ball as a chair. It was a temporary solution as I couldn’t find a good office chair that was high enough. Now I have another temporary solution instead…

And I know, I really need to deal with that cable chaos going on. I’ll leave that for a later day.


As the windows face the small street we live on, I decided to put up some plastic film on the windows. And yes, the text on top of the image is Swedish. It means “my projects” and for some reason I only had a picture of this with the text on it? Bad me.

Before I put up the film I felt a bit bad about sitting here. I felt watched whenever someone passed by and got disturbed in my concentration. The windows also works as a personal kanban board to see what’s going on right now in my freelance life.

130829_Office-2On the desk I have the office supplies I use often – mainly pens, my zillion todo lists and the black notes. I just love those black notes. I took these pictures a little while ago and the pen collection has just exploded. Right now it feels like I have a bit of a pen shop going on at the side of the table. I really should do something about that. It’s not like I use anything but the black gel pens from Muyi anyway…

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