Some fur, a cup and some craziness

The weekend before last I promised to help out a couple of friends and shoot some photos of a bunch of them for a show for Fringe Festival. During the afternoon I shot countless pictures, but today I’m not posting them. Today I’m just sharing those odd shots I got in between the proper ones. That will do for now. Once the final pictures are picked, posters done I’ll share the rest, but for now, you’ll have to make do.

Funkmeister-6 Funkmeister-20 Funkmeister-26 Funkmeister-28 00-01-Funkmeister-1 Funkmeister-34 Funkmeister-35 Funkmeister-40 Funkmeister-91 Funkmeister-93 Funkmeister-95 Funkmeister-176 Funkmeister-256 00-01-Funkmeister-2 00-01-Funkmeister-3 Funkmeister-269 Funkmeister-203

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