Sorry bloggy, I’ll try to do better by you

You’d think I have almost forgotten about this blog. Rest assured, I haven’t. I have just been super busy lately. With what you ask? First of all I have moved into a new office. Working all alone from home hasn’t been my key to success. Can you blame me? Now I have my own desk at a cute little shared office in the middle of CBD. Only backside so far: it’s on the 7th floor and the elevator is being refurbished for another 7 weeks. On the other hand – it’s a great way to get some exercise.

I have also done a crazy amount of socialising, compared to before. And I’m sorry little blog, but the chance of an hour filled with chitchat and a beer always trumps an hour in front of my computer.

131003-Shebeen-2 131003-Shebeen-1

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