Spring Hill, part 2

Slow morning starts. Breakfast on the deck. Sheep (cause always sheep). Bahn mis for lunch and a roadtrip in the arvo. Then darkness, cards against humanity and fire. That’s the recipe for a pretty darn good arvo.

Spring-Hill_2017_17 Spring-Hill_2017_18 Spring-Hill_2017_19 Spring-Hill_2017_20 Spring-Hill_2017_22 Spring-Hill_2017_23 Spring-Hill_2017_24 Spring-Hill_2017_25 Spring-Hill_2017_21 Spring-Hill_2017_26 Spring-Hill_2017_27 Spring-Hill_2017_28 Spring-Hill_2017_29 Spring-Hill_2017_31 Spring-Hill_2017_30 Spring-Hill_2017_32 Spring-Hill_2017_33 Spring-Hill_2017_35 Spring-Hill_2017_36 Spring-Hill_2017_38 Spring-Hill_2017_34 Spring-Hill_2017_37 Spring-Hill_2017_39 Spring-Hill_2017_40 Spring-Hill_2017_42 Spring-Hill_2017_44 Spring-Hill_2017_43 Spring-Hill_2017_45

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