Stockholm with Helena & Jenny / Day 1

I had photographed my last wedding on the 7th, travelled on the 8th and we arrived in Sweden on July 9th. And luck would have it that two friends from Melbourne were in Stockholm at the very same time (I mean, luck and luck, it might have been some planning involved in it too…). We’ve know learnt (or cemented, rather) that keeping yourself busy is the very best way to beat jet lag. We wandered the streets of Östermalm, Gamla Stan and Södermalm, sipped on delicious beer, went to look outs (hello Skinnarviksberget, you’re new to me but you’re pretty darn exquisite!) and when the sun finally set we took the two metro stops back to my auntie’s apartment and crashed into bed.

Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_1 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_2 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_3 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_4 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_5 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_6 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_7 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_8 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_9 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_10 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_11 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_12 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_13 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_14 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_15 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_16 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_17 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_18 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_19 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_20 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_21 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_22 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_23 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_24 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_25 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_26

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