Sunday Arvo Bubble Soccer

Be warned – there are a massive amount of photos in this post. But I couldn’t pick! And they’re all bubbly, so I figured, it’s my blog, I can do what I want, and post ’em all!

Anyway. This lot is from yesterday. Early afternoon we hopped into Eric’s car and headed east to Box Hill. The goal was an indoor sports centre, where we met up with a whole bunch of people f0r some sports. And it wasn’t any regular kind of sport either – it was bubble soccer.

We spent an hour inside those bubbles. It was surprisingly heavy (someone said each one was 5kg to tag along, it felt fine in the beginning, but it got tiresome), quite hard to look through and super hard to steer. But you know what? It was amazing fun. I’m sure we’ll do it at some point again. Afterwards we all headed to a nearby pub for some grub and a couple of drinks.

We came home early that night. I think I checked the clock when I slumped down in the couch after a long and warm shower, and it said 6.09pm, but I already wanted to go to bed. It was a long time ago since I felt so run-over. But that’s what a Sunday night is supposed to feel like, isn’t it?

Bubble-Soccer-2 Bubble-Soccer-0-1 Bubble-Soccer-6 Bubble-Soccer-8 Bubble-Soccer-9 Bubble-Soccer-13 Bubble-Soccer-0-2 Bubble-Soccer-18 Bubble-Soccer-20 Bubble-Soccer-22 Bubble-Soccer-24 Bubble-Soccer-29 Bubble-Soccer-31 Bubble-Soccer-36 Bubble-Soccer-32 Bubble-Soccer-34 Bubble-Soccer-37 Bubble-Soccer-38 Bubble-Soccer-39 Bubble-Soccer-33 Bubble-Soccer-42 Bubble-Soccer-44 Bubble-Soccer-0-3 Bubble-Soccer-50 Bubble-Soccer-52 Bubble-Soccer-54 Bubble-Soccer-60 Bubble-Soccer-0-4 Bubble-Soccer-68 Bubble-Soccer-69 Bubble-Soccer-71 Bubble-Soccer-0-5

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