That’s me in the straw hat, that’s me in the sunshine.

Okay, bear with me. This is a kind of pointless post. But I’m trying to get used to posting pictures of myself, and yesterday it was amazingly sunny outside, which meant it was high time to bring out my straw hat. And who wouldn’t want pictures of that (probably many, but hey, I’m not forcing anyone to read this. If you’re not interested, click here to see a picture of a cute cat instead).


131101-Meinahat-4 131101-Meinahat-2

I always feel awesome in hats whenever I buy them. It lasts for about a day until I kind of feel like a freak in them. This one I picked up in Sydney in March, when it was too sunny not to wear a hat. And I felt like something out of Great Gatsby when I got it. Yeah, yeah, I was probably delusional, but whatevz. I liked it. But since it’s been more than a day since March (duh!), I don’t feel that fancy anymore. We’ll see if I dare wear this one outside the backyard this summer.

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