The worst thing(s) about Peter / Day 15 / My Advent Calendar 2013

131211_TopPaddock-4Writing this post is equal parts easy and really hard. Easy because if you’ve been in love with someone for over 7 years, lived with them for over 6 years you get close and you find certain things that annoy you. They’re not particularly big things (after all, 7,5 years later I’m still in love, still happy with him and utterly enjoy spending time with him), but hey, you notice.

Like the way he trails off when you’re having conversations and you have to start all over on that sentence for the 20th time. Or when he promises to do something (like buying shampoo kthxbai or weeding) and it doesn’t happen for weeks. Or that his go-to option when it’s his turn to make dinner is to order nachos. Think I’m sissying out with too much small stuff? Oh well. Let’s go with something that bothers me more then.

We worked together in Ghana. We’re not going to do that again, that’s for certain. At the time I thought it went quite okay, but that wasn’t a feeling that was mutual. He hated it. And I get it, I’m quite a bossy person. And this is where we clashed, and still do whenever we try to work together. I hate, no hate, having to explain things more than once. I give instructions, have a conversation, and a day later I assume that the person I talked to will remember. Well this never happens and it drives me insane and I get completely worked up, grumpy and angry, which simply makes everything worse. This continues and just spirals from there. It’s not a good thing. Thankfully it was easy to solve: we no longer work together.

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