Two breakfasts in a row!

Saturday morning we met up with Angela and Eric for some tired, slightly hungover breakfast. There was a big Valentine’s Bash the day before, but I haven’t had the time to prep the video yet (SUCH a big video backlog. Need to get back into editing mode!), so for the next few days, I’ll share pictures galore from our weekend.

First out: Breakfast at Brick Lane, which seems like it’s turning into a tradition. I like traditions, especially if they include delicious food.

140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-5 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-Collage-1 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-8 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-4 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-13 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-Collage-2 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-11

YUM! We then got in our little rented mini and headed to Phillip Island. But more info + loads and LOADS of pictures from that trip tomorrow. I need to pace myself or y’all will get dizzy and faint for image overload!

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