Two kinds of bubbles and a dinner

After a few hours of kangaroo cuddles (see last post), we headed into Cowes and to our rental house. We passed a few cockatoos and colourful birds on the way and about 7 minutes later (+30 minutes for dinner shopping) we arrived at the house. First order of business: a dip in the jacuzzi while sipping on sparkling wine. Calling it divine is an understatement.

After soaking for a while we started making dinner. Unfortunately the bbq was out of gas, but hey, there was a kitchen so we just brought the cooking inside. When dusk started settling we put out all the food on the backyard table and started stuffing our faces with everything – all equally delicious. We had some vague plan to use the jacuzzi and watch the stars, but turns out we were knackered after the party the night before + the long day, so we all kinda fell asleep on the couch instead, while watching some odd tv show. Oh well, you can’t be festive every Saturday, can you?

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