U-turned into Lucy in Footscrazy

Some snaps from what we did after the German Christmas Market.


First of all we did loads and loads of u-turns! Surprisingly fun.


Then we got to where we were heading to. Dinkenesh (Lucy) in Footscray. Or, as we like to call it, Footscrazy.


Angela was there, with her phone, and Peter.


The delicious food. Injera and mixed veggie stuff to go with it. I have so missed ethiopian food.



Angela felt inspired and smelled everything a wee bit.


She also watched the tv intently and tried to imitate the shoulder shaking dance. So did the rest of us. We weren’t very successful but it was fun.


We had to have some proper Ethiopian beer as well.

131123-GermanChristmasMarket-23 Lani got a bit excited. After all, it was her first time in Footscray ever. Ever! And she’s lived here for the last 7 years. Impressive!

Then we crammed ourselves into the car and headed home.

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