1 photo an hour – Wednesday

Note to self afterwards: I need to pick a more exciting day, and no, it’s not the full day. I forgot to snap any pictures after 6 pm. Oh well.

8 am
Woke up and went for a jog. I started jogging again 4 weeks ago and go out running three times a week. Yes, I’m quite proud of myself. 130817-1photoanhour-1

9 am
Done with the jog. Had a shower, put on some clothes and doing my makeup.

10 am
Have an errand to run and need to take the train. Found the warning thingies on the ground quite pretty.


11 am
Errand done! Needed to pick up a few pairs of jeans that had been repaired.

12 pm
View from the train heading back.

1 pm
Back at home. Had a quick bite and then started working. Here on an editorial calendar. The turquoise stuff is this blog!

2 pm
Melbourne weather hits me. From sunny to rainy in a heartbeat.

3 pm
Takes a break from working and start tidying up a bit around the house. Like our bed for example.

4 pm
The sun decides to come back. All blue skies again.

5 pm
Starts prepping dinner.

6 pm
And then eating it. There was a lot of time between prepping and eating. I tried to play the proper house wife (as I so rarely do) and have dinner done when he got back, but he was dead set on working out. So dinner had to wait.

Then I was too busy talking to take any more pictures.

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