It’s end of August. This year has disappeared in a blur. It’s been a year of extremes, of highs and lows. Of amazing people no longer here with us, and of new people in our lives. I’ve been working like crazy, and my little business has bloomed from just a side project to something quite big. And now, for the first time all year, I have a few weeks that aren’t filled with plans. Where I can sit back, take in all that’s happened, maybe reflect, and maybe just appreciate what I have.

So, there might be a bunch of blog posts happening over the next 4 weeks. I wish I’d keep going after that, but once my wedding season kicks in, it’s so hard to have time for anything else. We’ll see though. I will try. Anyway. Prepare for random times in my life from this year in unordered blog posts. Boom!

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