30 Questions + 30 Answers, the 2017 edition

Angela just told me I did this post a couple of years ago and wondered how many things have changed. Not many, I think, but I thought I might do it again. So, check out the original one here and compare. So much fun for a Saturday, eh?


I started last post with a photo of myself from midsummer. So top is me from midsummer 2015, and bottom midsummer 2017.


Where is your mobile phone?
Ummm, somewhere. I think behind me but I’m too lazy to turn around and look. I think I’m a bit more lax about it nowadays. Sure I carry it with me, but since I do most of my messages over messenger and do very few actual calls, I’m like meh, I know where my computer is, phone can rock up later.


Where is your partner?
He’s in the kitchen making me breakfast. BOOM! A stir fry. We’re doing this weirdo diet that isn’t a diet but that’s totally a diet.

Your hair?
I got it all done up yesterday! It’s orange-y and sweet. I’ll curl that shiz up a bit later cause I have a wedding to shoot later today.

Your mood?
Pretty good. A tiny tiny tiny bit hungover (just so little that I know it’ll be completely cured once that breakfast is finished) and kinda prepped for shooting a 10h wedding today. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10, same as last time!

Your plan for the day?
I’ve got a wedding to shoot! I’m heading off in about 3 hours and all my batteries are charged and memory cards ready to go. I need to do a final minute gear clean + pack my bags but that shit takes 10 minutes. I’ve got that down pat, so I’m pretty chill.


The best thing you know?
Getting things done! Always. Eating delicious thing with a glass of prosecco. Peter, always Peter. Finding your regular spot where they know your order. The only place I had that with just changed up their whole menu and whatnot last week and I need a new stability in life! My friends. Fluffy animals with cuddle needs. Seriously, it’s just the same as last time.

Your dream last night?
Dunno, no memory of any dreams. Sorry y’all!

Your plan in life?
I’m still working on finding a good work-life balance, but I’m making improvements and getting there. I earn enough to take some time off every year and that’s pretty epic. And I started outsourcing certain parts of my business to give some mid week days back during this season. The season just started though, so we’ll see how it goes.

The room you’re in now?
I’m sitting on the bed in our little 1 bedroom apartment cause it’s too bright to sit anywhere else.

Your hobby?
Umm, hanging with friends over a glass of sparkling? Is this a hobby? I kinda lost my reading a while but I’m working on getting it back, little by little.

Your fear?
I’m just gonna copy paste last time’s answer: Death. Always death. I like to be in control and well, death is the ultimate non-control item out there

Who do you want to be in six years?
Ahhhh in six years I’ll be 40 and I’m afraid of ageing (see response above). But heck. At 40 I’ll be doing something I love part time (less work than I am now), we’ll have sorta family that maybe includes a kiddo and maybe a dog? We’ll have a local cafe we always go to on Sunday mornings and we still spend at least 3 months of the year abroad. I don’t make grand long plans now though. I make plans for my business for the next year but then you’ll just have to wait and see what you’re up to?

Where were you yesterday night?
I had a couple of friends over, we watched Bachelorette + had takeout and some wine. Hence the very slight hang over.

What are you not?
I am not a morning person. I just have to accept that.

One thing you wish for?
That Australia stops messing up the citizenship application for us. Also that there’s a resounding YES on the marriage survey. This shit shouldn’t have to be surveyed, just pass it already!

Where did you grow up?
Copy paste old answer, cause I haven’t switched this part out from last time: Mostly in a north western suburb of Stockholm. Two years as a kid my family lived in Ethiopia though. That was oh so important for me and I’m forever thankful for that. Those two years have been more formative to me and my self than the rest of the years outside Stockholm.

What was the last thing you did?
I woke up, played a game on my phone, tidied the apartment from leftovers from yesterday, double checked which time I was starting today, showered a few of my plants and now I’m here, at my computer.

Your TV?
We still don’t have one and I still don’t want one. We watched Bachelorette from my computer screen and that worked just fine thank you very much.

Your pets?
Again, I’ll repeat what I wrote two years ago: Are non existent. That makes me sad. I want a dog.

Bonus: photos of a few dogs I’ve met recently. Plus a horse. We call him Hiccups.

StyledShoot_Slideshow-24 Kate&Willy-SneakPeeks-2 Spring-Hill_2017_77HiccupsLicking_LR


Your computer?
Macbook Pro. A brand spanking new one I bought 6 months ago.

The best thing you own?
My cameras. Cause heck, they create magic.


ps. this is from my first couples session and one from last year. Spot any difference?


Are you missing someone?
Not really right now? I’ve seen most of my close friends in the last month and that’s ace. Nina! But I’ll see her next week.

Your car?
Is called Miles and he’s a dark grey lil corolla. Also a smashing white push bike.


Something you wouldn’t wear? 
Ummm….. Right now a big flowy dress. I’m in a pants phase.

Favourite store?
I’m a Swede by heart, eh? Cos + Weekday + Monki have my heart. I miss ’em like crazy down under. Except Cos, cause we have that.

Your winter?
(this is a Swedish list, so that was ‘summer’ initially. But we’re down under here!)
Was a mix of everything. Two trips to Europe, icy cold winter, a photographer retreat, some time to get some admin done, weekend outings from Melbourne. Looking back it was pretty nice?

Do you love someone?
Ummm yes. Look at this face


Favourite colour?
Black + white + dark greys + metallics cause HECK YEAH. Still on to that light wood shit.

When was the last time you laughed?
I’m gonna guess to something really silly that happened in Bachelorette last night.

When was the last time you cried?
No idea. Ooooh no wait. I was feeling like period-emotional last week and might have shed a tear when I watched a wedding video. Wedding videos always get to me. Other than that? I dunno. It was a while.


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