A beach, a foal and some sun / NZ 2019

We’re in New Zealand. I had a wedding and we decided to tag on a little holiday. It’s weird, having time off, but I am trying to roll with it. 

First day we left Auckland behind, switched rental cars (cause the one we got initially gave me weird signals and started working VERY oddly) and headed south east. And we ended outside of Whakatane, in this lil Airbnb which is more some sort of luxury camping. A bedroom with doors, but an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, outdoor bath, outdoor everything. And five minutes walk to the beach. 

Bonus points for lots of horses including a stupidly cute foal. 

Oh, and I am trying to learn how to be in photos. So I will try to accept self photos more often. It’s a thing. Please don’t judge. 

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