A glass of breakfast

I’m a creature of habit. When I’ve found a restaurant I like, I always want to go back, sit in the exact same spot and order the exactly same thing. It might sound boring, but for me it isn’t. But there is a limit to my habit mania. Breakfast. For quite some time now my standard breakfast is two eggs and five strawberries (fun side note; on a plate that allows you to set up a perfect smiley face). It’s fast, good enough and keeps me full until lunch.

But after two months of nothing but this, I’m bored. And since I started going to an office in the morning, I wanted something super fast, super simple, and of course, absolutely delicious.

With all that said, say hi to my new standard breakfast. It isn’t all that exciting, but it’s simple and fan-frigging-tastic.

131028-YoghurtPioner-2 131028-YoghurtPioner-1

Natural greek yoghurt, Carman’s Clusters (Cranberry and Apple), and some fresh fruit. Preferably eaten in a glass so you can enjoy the pretty layers.

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