A trip to St. Andrews Market

Yesterday morning at 9am sharp a few friends came by and picked us up. I was almost ready and Peter was running around without a shirt. But what do you expect on a Saturday morning? We might or might not have had an impromptu dinner with about 7 people over on the Friday night. Amazingly fun, but it didn’t really help with keeping us fresh on a Saturday morning.

Anyway. After about an hour in the car we arrived. It was all grey skies and kinda cold, but we got some coffee to warm up (me, a chai latte that was probably the most awful thing I’ve ever tasted) and wandered up and down the market, eyeing all the wares.


Well dressed for such an occasion!



Trent found this amazing little fireman.


A few stalls had china and porcelain. I was eyeing the little coffee cups a bit, but felt it was more important to get something else, namely:


Plants! We left the market with an olive tree, a raspberry bush and small chili, capsicum, cucumber (three c’s!) and one herb that I simply can’t remember now. I think there is a high risk that I’ll cover our backyard in plants soon.


We met the cutest, happiest dog ever. He (she?) didn’t want to stand still though and was jumping around like crazy so I couldn’t get a shot in. Well, I got this one. And it’s kinda representative in a way.


The market was quite varied. From tarots, dream catchers, plants, organic produce, eggs, honey and other edibles to handmade jewelry. It was kind of an eclectic mix and I loved it all.

It’s been more than a month since I ventured outside of Melbourne, so seeing the countryside and some proper greenery and breathing some fresh air was kind of liberating. Note to self: need to do this more often.


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