All 31st should be celebrated in equal parts style and craziness

Oh my what a weekend. It was my birthday so I threw a party on Saturday. Somehow I always take parties seriously. Like very, very seriously. It’s taken weeks to prep this party, and I have handmade hundreds of paper flowers, painted a blackboard and a whole bunch more. I won’t share any party prepping pics on this blog, I’m saving that for a new blog project I’m starting up with a friend. What I’ll share today are some (increasingly crazy) snaps from the party itself. Because it might have started as an utterly pretty garden party, but as you know, it always ends with crazy dancing to weird music in the living room. Then, somehow magically, the clock turned three, and then two (hey daylight savings!) and we all got too tired to continue the party.

I got myself a couple of camera related gifts this year, and I’ll share pictures of one of them in a few days. It’s oh so purdy and makes me incredibly happy. But the best gift of all I got on that Sunday: Peter did the party cleaning. That, y’all, is quite possibly the best gift I’ve ever received.

GardenPartyBirthdayBash-3 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-2 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-1 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-11 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-2 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-14 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-3 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-21 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-22 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-23 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-24 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-27 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-4 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-31 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-35 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-39 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-40 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-43 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-48 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-50 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-53 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-55 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-56 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-5 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-59 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-60 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-65

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