Allra käraste mormor


My grandma was quite a lady. Although I’m not sure if I want to call her a lady. I have so many words in Swedish to describe her (som en rejäl, rivig tant), but my English is lacking…

She was amazing. She used to bake ridiculously tasty breads and cakes, make jokes and watch action movies with me. She taught me how to cheat in card games and was so cheeky at every possible opportunity. She made me love wrinkles, because why wouldn’t I want to be just like her. So stubborn and sometimes even slightly annoying. But always there for me. Always with a warm hand holding mine, a hug, and some coloured cookies to chew on from that three tier cookie tin she always kept in her kitchen.

It’s now more than eight years since she passed but I still remember her smell, the feel of my hands in hers and the sound of voice. And although she’s not here, I’m happy that somehow, even just in my memory, she’ll always be with me.

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