An International Potluck

This event actually happened before the last post. Oh well, I have such a huge backlog when it comes to images + videos right now, you’ll have to live with me publishing them all jumbled. This is what happens when you go away for a few weeks and don’t keep up with your regular editing.

Anyway. I’m here to share some pictures from a potluck that was held at our place a couple of weeks back, not complain about my non-existent self discipline.


The dinner was supposed to be held at a friend’s house. But this event was held on the last day of a 5 day heat stroke in Melbourne, with regular temperatures over 40 degrees, and their place didn’t have any AC. So, she asked if we could move it to our place instead, and of course we could!


There was so much food. This is only the savoury setting, there was at least as much sweet thing to taste.


Here’s the actual host. She actually did all the hosting and I pretended to be a guest in my own home. It felt utterly luxurious.

140127_InternationalPotLuck-15 140127_InternationalPotLuck-14 140127_InternationalPotLuck-13

Quite a crowd turned up, and we squeezed in our sofas and on the floor to fit us all.

140127_InternationalPotLuck-12 140127_InternationalPotLuck-11

After a while I showed a Christmas present I got. It was a poufy type garland that I received through a handmade secret santa program. I wasn’t sure what to use of it, but somehow it made the rounds on the head of people around the table.


The sweet table was laid out.


Iulian, the second host, was also there of course.


Peter showing off his poufy hair.


I wasn’t the only one snapping away. Here ├ůsmund with Angela’s camera.


As the theme of the potluck was ‘International’, we thought it suitable to bring out the snaps we had brought from Sweden just a week earlier.


Such a nice evening, but I was so incredibly full at the end. Delicious, but overwhelming!

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