Big Day In – Part 2 – The Party in pictures

Hey, back to the Big Day In! Next up is the imagery. I was too busy running around talking to people/film, so I didn’t shoot as much as I usually do. Good thing that I have friends who are as camera crazy as I am. So many, many, many thanks to Angela Jia Zheng for shooting most of these pictures.


This was the drink of choice that night. I learnt it being a bartender at a wedding party ages ago in Sweden, and it was a recreation of the couple’s favourite festival drink. It felt incredibly suitable to this party. A splash of vodka, fill it up with some lemonady soda, and then use an ice pop as ice cube, taste infuser and general drink stick. Brilliant!


I thought I’d have enough time to get my makeup in order, but nah. Who cares though, it’s a festival! At least my hair still had the bounce from my hairdressing appointment the day before.


Daisy also got a wristband, but since she wasn’t so keen on wearing it around her wrist, she got it around her neck instead. Cute!


Eric was of course there, and Juan were one of the first to arrive. Both got the first VIP passes. There were four of them and they were shared around the group during the day and evening. When you had a pass you had access to the VIP room, which was filled with pillows, fancier snacks and always sparkling wine on ice. Which turned out to be one of the best party ideas ever. Every party I’ll have from now on will feature a VIP section.


A tent was set up in the backyard. You could crawl in for some relaxation. There were music in headphones, some cushions, and it was generally just the perfect place to soak up some energy.


Paul and Lyndsey hanging out in the sun.


Hanging out in the VIP room.


Pouya trying to do casual posing with a champagne cork holder thingy on his nose. Ehm?


Sweet Emmy!


At 5pm (and later at 9pm) Peter and Eric performed a few songs. They played and we all had booklets with the lyrics and were singing along. Those moments were most probably the best times during the night. So sweet, so much fun.


Crazy dancing (?) during the sets.


It looks like they were slightly bored but I bet you they weren’t. I think it all might have been the most epic party I’ve ever thrown.


9pm singing!


Rob really got into the singing!


John trying to show off his dance moves. This picture really encompasses the night. Crazy dancing in our living room. Just as every party should be like! All in all there were about 25 people or so coming and going through the event, if not more. A while there the living room got quite packed.


Peter and Åsmund.


When we were just 7-8 people left, we moved out into the backyard to enjoy the warm light and wave around some glow sticks (if I bought it, I needed to use it, right?). We then moved back in and just talked and played guitar until 3am, when the last people left and I crashed in bed.

Such a long day, but what a day! Already started thinking about what theme to go for at the next party…

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