Carrot and coconut soup

So when we moved to Australia I planned to start cooking more. And I have, boy I have. At least compared to before when I maybe cooked once every fortnight. At best. Now I cook at least a few times a week. Yay me!

I tried making this carrot and coconut milk soup over six months ago after finding the original recipe on the swedish blog Onekligen and it has become a standard dish at the house because it’s absolutely yummy! By the way, it’s an amazing blog! Well, if you speak swedish at least. But we’re not here to reminisce about blogs, we’re here to cook!

Ingredients (makes 4 portions)
1kg of carrots
Water (we’ll get to the amount. It’s not like you have to buy it in advance)
1 or 2 bouillon cubes, veggie ones!
1-2 fresh red chilies (depending on how much you like spice)
3 garlic cloves
1 can (400g) of coconut milk.
loads and loads of coriander

If you put it all together it looks a little something like this:




1. Peel the carrots and grate them. If you are unlucky like me and have to hand grate them all, make sure you get some help because it takes forever, I tell you. Forever! Here the hubby is grating away.


You’ll end up with a nice looking pile of carrots like this. And the more carrots the better!



2. Bring out a pot, a big one. The rule is; the bigger  the better. The reason for that? You can fit in more of the delicious soup!

Heat it up, put in a bit of olive oil and fry the grated carrots in it a bit.



3. When you’ve done that for a little while, it’s smelling nice and you’re a bit bored with it, it’s time to pour in some water. Just put in enough water to cover the carrots. Don’t put in more water! The less water the thicker and creamier the soup becomes. And we do like it creamy, don’t we?

Then let it boil on a low heat level until it softens.


4. While the carrots are boiling start prepping the other ingredients. First out – say hi to the chilis!

Take out the seeds (unless you’re really into hot food. Safe to say I’m not) and then chop like a ninja. Wait, do ninjas even chop? Anyway, chop! Small pieces, please.


5. Next out mush up the garlics. I use a press, but if you want to be fancy, do it with a knife. Small pieces again, okay folks?


6. Finally, chop up some of the coriander. Loads of it, but just half of the loads you’ve got. Smallish, but not too small. Yeah, I know, I’m very specific in my instructions.


7. Are your carrots soft yet? If they are use a hand mixer to mush them to pieces. If they’re not, wait a bit longer until they soften and then mix it all up. Easy!

8. Once mixed it’s time to pour in the coconut milk. I hope your pouring is as fancy as mine is. Just get it all in there!


9. Stir it a bit and then add the chili, garlic and coriander. Then stir will you! Let it boil for another 10 minutes or so.


10. put it in bowls and serve it with bread. We were so hungry that I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the finished soup. Not to boast or anything, but it’s simply that good.

Now go cook, people!


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