Yesterday we spent the night in the Liwa desert, amongst the sand dunes. It was pretty epic. I don’t even know how to start writing about this. Deserts are magical and camels apparently believe that my necklace is edible. It is not.

LiwaDesert-1 LiwaDesert-2 LiwaDesert-3 LiwaDesert-4 LiwaDesert-5 LiwaDesert-6 LiwaDesert-7 LiwaDesert-8 LiwaDesert-9 LiwaDesert-10 LiwaDesert-11 LiwaDesert-12 LiwaDesert-13 LiwaDesert-14 LiwaDesert-15 LiwaDesert-16 LiwaDesert-17 LiwaDesert-18 LiwaDesert-19 LiwaDesert-20 LiwaDesert-21 LiwaDesert-22 LiwaDesert-23 LiwaDesert-24 LiwaDesert-25 LiwaDesert-26 LiwaDesert-27 LiwaDesert-28 LiwaDesert-29 LiwaDesert-30 LiwaDesert-31 LiwaDesert-32 LiwaDesert-33 LiwaDesert-34 LiwaDesert-35

Spring Hill, part 1

This past weekend I headed out to the country with a few friends. And I documented everything. This is what I used to do years ago before starting to work with photography, and I thought I’d lost it, but Paris + Spring Hill has been different. So, I have a bunch more photos to spam you with (even some more from Paris, just need to finish editing them).

Anyhow. Spring Hill. Halfway between Daylesford and Kyneton. Our house had views over rolling hills, friendly sheep and an ace house that we filled with swell people. The first day me and Ange headed up before everyone else to go location scouting a bit in Daylesford (no photos!), followed by some shopping and, badaboom, a pit stop at a lovely lil winery. We befriended the cat, got some wine and headed to Spring Hill for all the views and all the sheep. And that was all for day one.

Spring-Hill_2017_1 Spring-Hill_2017_2 Spring-Hill_2017_3 Spring-Hill_2017_4 Spring-Hill_2017_5 Spring-Hill_2017_8 Spring-Hill_2017_6 Spring-Hill_2017_7 Spring-Hill_2017_9 Spring-Hill_2017_10 Spring-Hill_2017_12 Spring-Hill_2017_13 Spring-Hill_2017_14 Spring-Hill_2017_15 Spring-Hill_2017_16

Restaurant dog

We went to Sasebo today for lunch, which was delicious but it was the dog at the restaurant that stole my heart. She spent lunch sitting with us and getting loads and loads of cuddles. My I-want-a-dog need got an instant boost and might be through the roof now. Just might.

Restaurant-Dog-1 Restaurant-Dog-3 Restaurant-Dog-2 Restaurant-Dog-4

Swedish Safari

Some days I wish I had shot more wildlife and had like a 400mm in my bag. Like tonight when a bunch of us went out on a Swedish Safari, spotted deers a plenty, some real big birds of prey, and dilly-ho, a couple of moose! I mean, come on! I might need to do this more often because dang this was magical.

Deer-gif SwedishSafari-1 SwedishSafari-2

Dachshund races

What can be cuter than sausage dogs racing? Not much I tell you! So when the opportunity came to watch just that on Saturday me and Sarah from the office jumped at the opportunity. Well we might not have literally jumped, as we might have had a wee bit too much wine on the Friday night to allow jumping at that time on Saturday morning.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones with this plan. The place was utterly packed, at least three rows of people all around the little race track, and everyone waving a camera. I managed to get a few shots of those silly little doggies getting their race on, or respectively getting their confusion on and not running at all.

We left an hour later or so after seeing the three finals. I had more plans for the day and for once I actually brought along my camera. But that’s for another post. For now, I’m heading to bed.

Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-8 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-4 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-5 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-13 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-10 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-19 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-20 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-23 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-25 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-26 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-28 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-35 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-16 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-2

Say hello to Eddy

Mondays are stable days for my niece. I came along for her last lesson for the season. They headed out, her on the gorgeous horse Eddy, through lush forest and galloping over meadows. I was a wee bit envious, I will willingly admit, although my allergies made me sneeze and sniffle all through the afternoon. While he class was out enjoying their ride, I spent half an hour or a bit more hanging out in the glorious sunshine with my dad and my sister-in-law. Not a shabby way to spend an afternoon, if I get to say so.

BloggarSommar-6 BloggarSommar-1 BloggarSommar-5 BloggarSommar-2 BloggarSommar-3 BloggarSommar-4 BloggarSommar-7


After a 30 hour trip I arrived in Sweden at 8 am. The plan of the day: stay awake until at least 9.30pm.

My brother picked me up from the airport, we drove to our parents house. He went for a nap and I went for a jog (!?) through meadows and forest down to the water. Once all freshened up we popped into the car and headed out. One stop to get some food (Max burgers!) and then to a friend of his. He had a meeting, and I got to cuddle and hang out with two cats. Below you can see Rosen. He’s cross eyed and one of the darndest cutest things I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Elins-kissar-8 Elins-kissar-5 Elins-kissar-6 Elins-kissar-7