The forest and the meadow

My parents live in the burbs. But burbs here feel so much different than Sweden. At least this one. It’s so close to nature, to never ending forest and small beaches and cliffs and meadows. It required me staying away for years to fully grasp it’s awesome beauty. I have a longing now. A longing out into nature. Into walking through quiet forest, hearing the birds chirping (so many more than in Australia! It’s like a symphony) and breathing that early summer air with its distinctive smell.

To make sure I stayed awake long enough yesterday I dragged dad out for a walk through a part of the meadow + forest close by. By the time we left the house it was well past 8.30pm, and it was close to an hour later when we got back. The sky was still blue, and then sun set at the end of it, but blue hour is waay longer than an hour up here in summer. Oh how I have missed this light.

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