The Finders Keepers

Yesterday it was time for what must be the best indie designer market in Melbourne – The Finders Keepers.


I have been to every single Finders Keepers market in Melbourne since I moved here. This was number three and the market has kept on growing. It’s huge!


There’s so many pretty things. Every time I’m here I always wish I was super rich and could buy pretty much everything. Well not everything, but almost!


I was there in the company of this fabulous lady.


In the middle of one of our laps around the room, we took a dancing break. Why you say? Because dancing is freaking awesome.



Then we continued our browsing. I think we took about 4 laps around the place and we found at least one new stall every lap. It was a bit crazy to be honest.


One stall had the cutest cushions I have ever seen. They had stuffed animals as well. I know I’m not 5 years old but oh my god I had to fight the urge to buy every single one. Especially the yodeling Yoti. Stuffed animal crush!


We stayed almost all the way to closing when our stomachs protested loudly. So we went for Indian food. All in all a great way to spend a Saturday. Now we just have to wait another 6 months for the next Finders Keepers…







Oh, if I only could fly away

Over the last few days I have been working on a craft. Remember the paper things you saw a couple of days ago? Well this is it. It’s been ages since I did something proper the last time, so safe to say I am quite excited about it. I can’t share it with you all yet, as it was created for a client and will be posted on their blog once their new site launches. Until that day comes, I will share a few sneak peeks of what I have been doing.


ED_BalloonMobile-27 ED_BalloonMobile-21

Back with a b(all)oom!

I know I’ve been eerily quiet the last few days but I’ve been busy, ok? It’s like I have forgotten what it feels like but been thrown in the deep end of the pool. Don’t take it wrong though – I’m loving every second of it. Somehow it feels like beingĀ me again. And for some reason it seems like I can only be somewhat structured when I have a lot on my plate. Not enough things to do and I start slacking straight away like a crazy person. Add almost more than I can handle and my head starts bubbling with ideas, my mood improves and I feelĀ excited.

With that said, here’s a picture of what I’ve been up to today. What have you been doing?