BBQ + a cat + a trampoline and a bunch of people

Third day in Sweden included a heck of a lot of work in the morning and all the family in the evening. My parents picked up me and Peter and we headed out to my brother and his family in their little summer cabin just outside of Stockholm.

This summer has been insane in Sweden, there was barely any rain until August and almost 30 degrees every single day. I’ve never experienced anything like it in all my life. When we got there in July lots of trees had already started drying out and changing colour and it was quite eerie. So while I was contemplating heat waves and climate change while watching the dried oak trees around their cabin, my niece and nephew trampolined, we cuddled the cat (our old cat, Ella! She’s a gem!), went down to the newly opened BBQ place close by and had dinner and then went back to watch football. You know, the world cup. We had such high hopes for Sweden but alas, it all failed. I can’t remember if this was the night they lost, but let’s go with that. I think it was.

Anyway! Good times! I miss having my family around. I know I am biased, but heck I like ’em. Lucky us my brother + family are heading down under for Christmas. Can’t wait!

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School’s out!

Yesterday my niece’s summer vacation started. There were songs being sung, talks being talked and afterwards I was forced into an impromptu photo shoot with her and a friend. Not that you heard me complaining…


Say hello to Eddy

Mondays are stable days for my niece. I came along for her last lesson for the season. They headed out, her on the gorgeous horse Eddy, through lush forest and galloping over meadows. I was a wee bit envious, I will willingly admit, although my allergies made me sneeze and sniffle all through the afternoon. While he class was out enjoying their ride, I spent half an hour or a bit more hanging out in the glorious sunshine with my dad and my sister-in-law. Not a shabby way to spend an afternoon, if I get to say so.

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Stockholm Marathon + a dance show

Somehow I’ve never been to one before, despite the fact that my brother has ran them numerous times. Yesterday though, I did! Rain hung heavy in the air but we found a nook we could sit in, avoiding the drizzle and waiting for my brother to run by, while chewing on sandwiches and working on our dance moves.

In the evening we went to my niece’s dance recital. My favourite part: getting to capture that after-the-show excitement in the form of jumps in the garden next to the recital centre. We had to move away from the road (everything else was ’embarrassing’) but boy was it worth it.

I have so many more photos, but no time to edit them all. Oh well, that’s for another day. Now I’m off to go see a friend!

Mara-Dansuppvisning-1 Mara-Dansuppvisning-2 Mara-Dansuppvisning-6 Mara-Dansuppvisning-12 Mara-Dansuppvisning-14 Mara-Dansuppvisning-13